Customer service

Help your staff to keep customers happy

Give your people the right tools and they will be able to provide levels of service that will keep customers loyal.

FleetOnlineSolutions simplify administrative tasks

Streamline administration

If staff are too stretched, customer service can be affected. FleetOnlineSolutions is a single, centralised tyre management system, which reduces the administration burden for your office staff – giving them time to focus on serving the customer.



  • Handles multi-currency invoicing
  • Simpler, centralised billing
  • Unified tyre policy
  • Available on desktop and mobile app
Automated checks allow you to focus on your customer service

Keep servicing and maintenance efficient

Manual processes in vehicle parks take up a lot of time and money. Automating tyre and vehicle checks using solutions like Goodyear CheckPoint and  DrivePoint can make sure your customers are not delayed by servicing or maintenance backlogs.


Goodyear CheckPoint

  • Can measure axle weight, tread depth and tyre pressure simultaneously
  • Alerts via user-friendly web and mobile applications with prescriptive technology to help making the right decision


Goodyear DrivePoint

  • Valve-fitted sensors
  • One-time installation within 2 hours