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Truck Mixed On/Off Road

Truck Mixed On/Off Road

A mixed service drive-axle tyre for on-road and more challenging off-road applications. DuraShield technology means we guarantee retread casing acceptance and offer free tyre damage cover.

  • Mixed-service for on- and off-road
  • High traction for extreme off-road applications
  • Tyre damage cover & guaranteed retreadability
Truck Mixed On/Off Road

Off-road performance you can rely on

OMNITRAC HD tyres can be used on the road – but it is in extreme off-road scenarios where they prove their worth. Excellent traction helps you deal with mud and steep gradients and, because the casings are protected by our unique DuraShield technology, we guarantee 100% retreadability. And for extra peace of mind, we include 24 months’ accidental tyre damage cover* 


* Conditions apply, for more info visit


1. DuraShield technology

Top belt for ultimate casing protection against corrosion 

>New level of casing durability and retreadability performance.


2. Directional tread design with siped blocks

Ensures traction and self-cleaning until the end of the tread life 

> traction in all surface conditions including winter service. 


3. Continuous tractive centreline design

Provides traction and concurrently protects the tread against damage in its most vulnerable zone 

> Even wear in chipping and chunking conditions, high mileage potential and casing protection. 


4. Wide open shoulder grooves and dynamic block design

V-shaped directional design of the blocks provides edges for traction and ejects stones and mud quickly 

> High traction throughout complete tyre life and with all carriageway conditions; chip/chunk resistance under torque and stone damage prevention. 


5. High chip and chunk resistance

New tread rubber designed specifically to resist chipping and chunking in all tyre life phases 

> High overall mileage and improved retreadability through better casing protection

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Wet Grip Noise Noise Snow 3PMSF Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
325/95R24 162 / 160 K - - D B B - 76dB check icon Download
12R22.5 152 / 148 K - - D B B - 74dB check icon Download
13R22.5 156 / 150 K - - D B B - 75dB check icon Download
315/80R22.5 156 / 150 K - - D B B - 75dB check icon Download

Regrooving recommendations


Regrooving recommendations


 All Goodyear truck tyres are both retreadable and regroovable and have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.

A word from the Goodyear expert 


“If you need serious off-road traction, OMNITRAC HD (Heavy Duty) are probably your best bet for a drive-axle tyre. They offer better traction than the regular OMNITRAC D, which is essential if you’re driving on muddy terrain or steep slopes. If, on the other hand, most of your driving is on the road, you may find the HD option less suitable.”