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An all-position coach tyre, designed predominantly for non-metropolitan use and offering excellent mileage.

  • Asymmetric design to counter typical wear patterns
  • High mileage
  • Ideal for tourism/leisure applications

Mile after mile of customer comfort

Designed to provide high-mileage value and fuel economy to non-urban coach service operators and a low-noise, comfortable ride to passengers. Also provides excellent grip and reduced rolling resistance for good fuel economy. 


1. Asymmetric design

Dedicated pattern for coach applications with strong outside shoulder ribs promoting high resistance to irregular wear and tread cracks.


2. Wide tread pattern

Promotes high mileage, good handling and even wear.


3. High-density Flexomatic blades

For wet skid performance.


4. Silefex tread compound

Innovative fuel-efficient tread compound with specific blend of silica fillers and premium natural rubber.


5. Stone penetration protectors

For better stone-drilling resistance and better groove self-cleaning

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Wet Grip Noise Noise Snow 3PMSF Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
295/80R22.5 154 / 149 M - - C B A - 71dB check icon Download
315/80R22.5 156 / 150 L 154 / 150 M B B A - 71dB check icon Download

Regrooving recommendations


Regrooving recommendations


 All Goodyear truck tyres are both retreadable and regroovable and have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.