Truck Mixed On/Off Road

Truck Mixed On/Off Road

A mixed service steer-axle tyre designed to offer smooth on-road driving, but also suitable for moderate off-road use. DuraShield technology means excellent retread casing acceptance and damage cover protection.

  • Mixed-service for on- and off-road
  • Suitable for light off-road applications
  • Tyre damage cover & guaranteed retreadability
Truck Mixed On/Off Road

90% on-road, 10% off-road. 100% guaranteed.

You need on-road comfort and performance – but can you be sure your tyres are also tough enough for limited off-road duties? With OMNITRAC tyres, you don’t have to worry. Because they are protected by our unique DuraShield technology, the tires offer excellent retreadability and damage protection.


1. Robust 5 rib design (24” = 4 rib)

Improves durability and ground pressure distribution 

> High mileage and even wear performance.


2. Siped tread blocks and zig-zag grooves

Sipes double the number of biting edges; zig-zag grooves provide extra grip 

> 3PMSF-marking, better grip.


3. ‘Quick release’ groove shapes with stone penetration protectors

Reduces stone holding; efficient protection against stone drilling and groove cracking 

> Excellent self-cleaning capabilities, improved casing durability, high mileage potential.


4. Cool running cap & base compound

Increased undertread gauge & tear-resistant base compound 

> High mileage and casing durability; protection against stone damages.


5. DuraShield technology**

Top belt for ultimate casing protection against corrosion 

>New level of casing durability and retreadability performance.


* Excluding OMNITRAC S 385/65R22.5

Tyre sizes

Size Nominal Load Index Nominal Speed Index Load Index 2 Speed Index 2 Rec. Rim Fuel Efficiency Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Wet Grip Noise Noise Snow 3PMSF Snow 3PMSF EU Tyre Label
325/95R24 162 / 160 K - - 8.5 C B B - 72dB check icon Download
13R22.5 156 / 150 K - - 9 C B A - 71dB check icon Download
295/80R22.5 152 / 148 K - - 8.25 D B A - 71dB check icon Download
315/70R22.5 156 / 150 K - - 9 D B B - 73dB check icon Download
315/80R22.5 156 / 150 K - - 9 D B B - 73dB check icon Download
315/80R22.5 156 / 150 K - - - D B B - 73dB check icon Download
385/65R22.5 160 K 158 L - C B B - 73dB check icon Download

A word from the Goodyear expert 


“The problem with mixed-service tyres is that the casing and the tread pattern needs to be tough enough to face light off the road situations – but this sometimes means a rough ride on the road. OMNITRAC seems to have the blend right and works best if your vehicles mainly use the road, but need some off-road capability, such as delivering to a construction site. If your off-road needs are more extreme, you may want to look at the OMNITRAC HD (Heavy Duty) option.”