Goodyear Commercial Tyres

How to optimise your fleet performance

Looking for greater efficiency, longer mileage, less downtime? Here’s how.

At the heart of every business is the need to keep costs down and performance up. For commercial fleets, getting the most from every tyre is therefore a high priority.

Introducing Goodyear Total Mobility

One of the reasons so many fleet managers choose Goodyear is our unique combination of products and solutions. We call it Goodyear Total Mobility, and it brings together everything from our market-leading tyres and innovative solutions to our comprehensive pan-European support. Few of our competitors can match our range of offerings or our breadth of support: wherever you are in Europe, whatever challenge you face, Goodyear Total Mobility has a way to help your fleet run more efficiently.

There are many factors that contribute to overall fleet performance - here are some tips on how to address each of them in turn.


Our KMAX tyres are recognised for their longevity, which can be further optimised by  maintaining correct tyre pressures at all times. Our Goodyear CheckPoint and TPMS solutions are designed to help with this. We can even give multiple life to your tyre through retreading and regrooving.

Our FUELMAX, KMAX and OMNITRAC range bear the 3PMSF badge as a guarantee of winter mobility. For extreme conditions, we also offer the ULTRA GRIP range for even better performance on snow and ice.

Our FUELMAX and FUELMAX Performance ranges are specially optimised for minimum rolling resistance, and therefore maximum fuel economy. Since under- or over-inflated tyres are less fuel-efficient, our TPMS and Goodyear CheckPoint solutions also help keep fuel costs down by keeping tyres in optimal condition.

We offer dedicated solutions to reduce admin and maintenance costs: FleetOnlineSolutions is a tyre management program that provides a single, centralised system to manage tyre administration across multiple suppliers. ServiceLine24h is a roadside repair and recovery service that offers fixed-rate assistance when you need it, while TPMS and Goodyear CheckPoint are tools that make tyre maintenance process faster and easier.

Our preventive solutions TPMS and Goodyear CheckPoint can help to spot issues before they occur. But if problems do arise, ServiceLine24h can get you up and running again in an average of two hours.

You can start to make a positive impact on the environment at the moment you choose your tyres. Our FUELMAX tyres help reduce fuel consumption, helped by our TPMS and Goodyear CheckPoint solutions, which optimise your tyres’ fuel efficiency by keeping them at the right pressure. Using our retreading and regrooving services instead of buying new tyres also helps to reduce waste.