Goodyear Commercial Tyres

Corporate Social Responsibility

Driving towards a cleaner, better world

Goodyear has continued commitment to ethical and sustainable processes, materials and programmes that can help people, communities and the environment. Our commitment is based on the four pillars established of the Better Future corporate responsibility framework:


Sustainable Sourcing: Sustainable sourcing is Goodyear’s approach to responsibly sourcing materials used for operations and products. In 2019, Goodyear increased its use of soybean oil as a replacement for petroleum-derived oils by 90%. Soybean oil is now in four of the most popular tyre lines, offering enhanced vehicle grip while increasing use of a more sustainable material.


Responsible Operations: In 2019, Goodyear improved leading and lagging safety indicators as work continues to reduce the risk of serious injuries in all facilities.


Advanced Mobility: In 2019, Goodyear’s predictive servicing solution was piloted by several fleets, allowing them to forecast and schedule tyre maintenance and replacement, improve overall tyre management and maximise uptime across the fleet.


Inspiring Culture: As part of Goodyear’s diversity and inclusion efforts, membership in Employee Resources Groups (ERG) grew 84% globally in the last two years. A seventh group, the Goodyear Asia, India, Middle East ERG, also was added.


Tyre lines focused on fuel efficiency, like FUELMAX, are a good first step to reduce environmental impact. Moreover, with our TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) or DOR (Drive-Over-Reader) solutions, we can reduce fuel consumption through the optimisation of tyre pressure. Finally, regrooving and retreading tyres allows our customers to extend tyre life.

Yes. All our truck tyres are regroovable and retreadable, which allow us to extend their useful life.

There are many elements impacting the total footprint. From Goodyear we are assessing fleets to optimise all tyre-related elements that will help to reduce their impact on the environment.

Yes. Provided the tyre casing is of sufficient quality, we can apply a retread that can deliver a performance similar to new tyres. You can find more details in our section on Retreading and Regrooving.

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