Why retreading is more relevant then ever

Rethinking retreading

Retreading is not new to fleet managers. But with growing pressure to be more sustainable – and the changing attitudes of fleet managers who want to play their part in helping the environment – it is a practice that is being seen in a different way.

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What can Goodyear retreading do for our world?

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Reduce the burden on the world’s natural resources. Retreading tyres means 56%* less crude oil used in manufacturing.

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With tyres that last longer, you can help solve the problem of waste accumulation.

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By choosing to retread your tyres, you help reduce the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process.



Regrooving and retreading can extend tyre life by 150%.**



With a greener supply chain to address consumer demand

* Based on internal data

**Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of a new Goodyear tyre versus a new Goodyear tyre that is regrooved, retreaded and regrooved a second time.

Good for the planet. Good for the business.

While the environmental benefits of retreading are top of the agenda right now, let’s not forget that it makes good business sense too:


It will save you money

Transport companies who use regrooving and retreading pay up to 10% less overall* for their tyres. Why pay more to buy new every time?


It is what your customers want

Consumers increasingly prefer to buy ‘green’ brands. From ‘green’ shops and suppliers. This is the way every consumer market is heading and your customers want you to help them build that reputation for sustainability. If you are not retreading and regrooving, you may lose the next tender to a competitor who does...


It is easy and without risk

High-quality retreads are available from your expert Truckforce dealer for most sizes and with different business models adapted to your needs.


* Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of a new Goodyear tyre versus a new Goodyear tyre that is regrooved, retreaded and regrooved a second time.

How does Goodyear Retreading help you maximise the life of a tyre?

Goodyear retreading solution increases trye life 150%


Thanks to regrooving and retreading, your Goodyear tyre can extend its life by up to 150%. As the tyre approaches the end of its lifespan, a first regrooving is done by a TruckForce specialist. This first regrooving increases the tyre’s life by 25%. After that wears away, the casing can be sent to Goodyear for a retread, which lasts just as long as a new tyre. Finally, when the retread has worn down, a second and final regrooving can extend the tyre’s life by another 25%. More than double the lifespan of a single tyre, thanks to Goodyear retreading 

Why Goodyear?

The case for retreading is increasingly obvious to fleet managers - but why do it with Goodyear?


Fleet managers rely on Goodyear quality every day. Our retreads are highly reliable and our service is tailored to your needs. With our acceptance guarantee*, you can always count on a local certified TruckForce expert to deliver you exceptional quality.


And of course, retreading is managed through our TruckForce experts, who are regularly audited to ensure the highest standards, and who are available in over 2,000 locations across Europe. Through the use of eCasings, they’re always on top of your casings, and able to track them through the entire retreading process.


*Goodyear will guarantee a 100% acceptance ratio on all casings that are sent for retreading and pass visual inspection in the campaign participating sizes.


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