Veok maanteel

Veok maanteel

Regioonidevaheline veok

Regioonidevaheline veok

A drive axle tyre designed for fuel efficiency, suitable for a wider range of applications including motorways and A or B roads. Reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions while offering good traction and mileage.

  • Suitable for motorways and A or B roads
  • Designed to reduce fuel costs
  • Helps you meet CO2 emissions targets
Veok maanteel

Be more sustainable while saving money

The FUELMAX D ENDURANCE brings fuel efficiency to more roads than ever. Now you're saving fuel and reducing emissions not just on motorways but even on A and B roads.


1. Fuel saving, high abrasion resistant tread compound; low rolling resistant sidewall compound

Low hysteresis tread compound with extended curing process ensures cool running capabilities to reduce heat build-up and energy loss. The sidewall compound compensates for energy losses caused by the increased traction and wear capabilities

> Low rolling resistance combined with improved treadwear resistance for high mileage potential


2. 6-rib directional tread design; stiffeners in shoulder ribs

The directional design improves traction, water drainage and self-cleaning capabilities.Shoulder stiffeners stabilize the blocks and increase lateral stability.

> High traction; 

>even wear and footprint pressure distribution

>increased damage resistance and mileage potential on motorways and A or B roads


3.  High number of deep sipes; deep centre grooves with tie bars and improved ball bottom shape; wide shoulder grooves and radial sipes in shoulder blocks

The various sipes and grooves create an increased number of biting edges. Ball bottom grooves open when worn and create new tractive structures for late-life grip.

> High traction on all roads and in all weather conditions;

> All-season use (3PMSF on all sizes)


4. Fully regroovable and retreadable; available as premium TreadMax moldcure retread

Regrooving increases the tyre’s lifespan at limited extra costs and with low rolling resistance. TreadMax Retreading saves resources and energy compared to new tyre and provides the same performance at a much lower price.

> Sustainability (using less resources / enabeling multiple tyre lives);

>CO2 and cost saving


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315/70R22.5 154 / 150 L 152 / 148 M - B B B - 74dB check icon Download
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