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FleetOnlineSolutions is Goodyear’s Internet-based fleet management system for FleetFirst customers. It stores all tyre-related information on your bus or truck fleet and provides KPIs and management reporting to suit your requirements. Secure and accessible around the clock, FleetOnlineSolutions helps making your business more productive and profitable.

The FleetOnlineSolutions database covers each customer’s vehicles, locations, tyre policy and agreed terms – from roadside assistance and vehicle inspection to retread and warranty. This means that should the unexpected happen, a Goodyear service provider has a full range of information to start work instantly, minimising any vehicle downtime.

The advantages are numerous: more efficient tyre management, reduced paperwork, simpler invoicing and faster service at agreed prices. And because FleetOnlineSolutions is a universal, web-based service, any work undertaken will meet the customer's exact requirements and stringent Goodyear standards – even if the service provider is another country with a different language.

Key benefits

  • Instant access to customer tyre and fitment policies
  • Display and analysis of cost drivers, including optimum cost per kilometer
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Pan-European for ease of transactions and consistency of pricing and service
  • Fully flexible, Internet-based system
  • Quick and easy to use

Key features

  • Management reporting provides accurate and timely information
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate business statistics
  • Tyre policy monitoring
  • Centralised billing features
  • Regional/national/European system
  • Pay as you go or price per kilometer plans