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Pre Cure

    Pre Cure Retreads

    During the Pre-Cure process, uncured rubber is extruded on to the casing in order to bond the new tread and the casing. Precision technology allows the tread to fit the casing perfectly, which makes for perfect rolling dynamics. This produces a balanced tyre, which performs as new. Following this, the built tyre is cured in a pressure chamber. During a final inspection, the tyre must meet the highest quality standards in order to be accepted. Goodyear offers a variety of Pre-Cure products like UniCircle, UniWing and UniTac.

    Goodyear´s Pre-Cure products are offered by our PreCurePro network, made up of a select number of Goodyear Authorised Retreaders (GARs). Only the best service partners can become Goodyear Authorised Retreaders, and our PreCurePro partners are selected carefully and audited every year before receiving their quality certification. Fleets can rely on Goodyear to find the same quality, reliability and high service levels of its Pre-Cure offering in every country.


    Unicircle is the result of state-of-the-art PreCured retreading technology. Specially designed equipment buffs the tyre casing to produce the right undertread and surface texture to seat and cement the precisely contoured, pre-moulded tread. This way, UniCircle offers

    • a spliceless tread pattern
    • very high casing/retread uniformity
    • low vibrations
    • high mileage performance.


    Goodyear UniTac retreads make use of a so-called flat PreCured tread strip and is available in a wide pattern range, fitting various sizes and offering excellent value. These retreads offer excellent value and are available in a wide range of tread patterns.


    Goodyear UniWing retreads use advanced PreCure retreading technology, featuring contoured tread bands, for better casing fitment, good uniformity and high mileage. UniWing retreads are available in many widths and tread patterns.