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Russian Fleet Delovye Linii LLC

1,400 vehicle fleet expects more than 300,000 kilometers tyre life

Lower cost per kilometer is the main reason why major Russian transport company Delovye Lini LLC chooses Goodyear´s high mileage truck tyre range KMax for their 1,400 vehicle fleet.

Delovye Linii LLC has been operating for more than 14 years. The company delivers cargo to almost all cities in Russia as well as further afield and is constantly extending its territory. Its 1,400 vehicles comprise Scania and Mercedes trucks operating both in international and regional transport carrying general cargo. Delovye Linii anticipate a life expectancy of more than 300,000 kilometers from Goodyear KMax tyres. They have full confidence in the tyres’ reliability and that they will optimise fleet maintenance costs.

Head of the transport division Dmitrij Esin said, “High tyre mileage is essential. We recently started to use Goodyear KMax tyres. They have high tyre life characteristics, which allow us to reduce cost per kilometer and reduce expenses on new tyres. Based on my experience, I can say that the mileage of the previous Goodyear generation was around 300,000 kilometers. I am sure that new Goodyear KMax tyres will show even better results.”

The internal tests carried out by Delovye Linii were on a Mercedes Axor using Goodyear KMax S steer tyres in size 315/70R22.5 and KMax D 315/70R22.5 drive tyres.

“We monitor the condition of our vehicles carefully,” said Fleet Supervisor Maksim Skudnov. “We choose only quality components and replacement parts for our trucks. Above all, tyres should conform to high quality standards. Based on our experience, we are confident in the reliability and service life of Goodyear truck tyres. Thanks to that we are able to effectively manage and optimise our fleet maintenance expenses. Goodyear truck tyres are premium products with appropriate quality.”

The last word goes to the driver Gennadij Katushkin who has driven on the Goodyear KMax tyres for approximately 60,000 kilometers. “Once I found myself in severe weather conditions: it rained and the temperature was below zero. The tyres’ performance was very good and the truck behaved itself perfectly. The feeling of confidence and safety on the road is essential for every driver. On the Goodyear tyres I feel safe and that is not only my opinion, but also the opinion of other drivers.”