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FUELMAX Technologies

FUELMAX is the new fuel efficient line, focusing on reduced rolling resistance. FUELMAX tyres feature IntelliMax Groove Technology. IntelliMax Groove Technology optimizes rolling resistance and is featured in the FUELMAX S steer tire. A special manufacturing technique allows a ‘hidden’ tread pattern to be molded into the tyre. During the first part of the tyre’s life, the initial pattern, comprising of three tread ribs, is exposed for optimised performance with minimal rolling resistance. As the wear progresses towards 50%, further grooves are exposed so that at midlife there are six ribs visible. At approximately 75% wear, four ribs remain to ensure wet grip performance right through the tyre’s life. As well as the unique tread design, optimized cavity shape gives a good compromise of rolling resistance, mileage and handling performance. Using advanced predictive analysis the frictional energy of the tread pattern has been reduced, which has off-set a reduction in the non-skid, for improved mileage. Wet grip is enhanced thanks to the edge blades and optimized blade angles, which further lower rolling resistance.