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Innovative Max Technologies

Goodyear has developed a number of innovative technologies that enhance the performance of its commercial tyres. These are known collectively as Max Technologies and the following are some of the most significant ones:

KMax Technologies

KMax is Goodyear’s dedicated mileage truck tyre line for on road applications. It offers maximum mileage potential and all year round traction without compromising other key performance areas. KMax tyres feature the following KMax Technologies; IntelliMax Rib Technology in the KMax S and IntelliMax Tread Technology in the KMax D. IntelliMax Rib Technology improves rolling resistance and wet grip. The tread profile of the KMax S steer tyre has been designed by computer modelling to give optimal tyre pressure distribution for regular wear and high mileage. This technology relates to the tread pattern. It features stiffener technology for high cornering forces and handling feel. IntelliMax Rib Technology also decreases the tread slip for high mileage potential. Further features include robust and wide shoulder ribs, giving a high level of wear resistance during regional service. The blade geometry and sequence have been designed to enhance wet grip performance. Water evacuation channels decrease water pressure in the cavities also enhancing wet grip. A further tread feature ensures efficient release of trapped stones. IntelliMax Tread Technology comprises dual layers of tread compound. The top compound has been developed for high mileage, while the base compound allows heat to be dissipated for low rolling resistance. The KMax D drive tyre has a very distinctive V-shape directional tread pattern for high traction performance with very low noise emission. As with the KMax S, the tread profile has been designed by computer modelling for optimal tyre pressure distribution to ensure regular wear and high mileage. High mileage potential also results from the tread stiffness, non-skid, optimised block geometry and a higher wearable rubber volume. Block stiffener geometry improves cornering capabilities and handling feel. Waffle blade technology gives an optimised balance between mileage and traction.