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Seasonal Tyres

Seasonal Tyres

Why dedicated truck winter tyres?

Truck winter tyres are specifically designed for operating in challenging weather conditions. Avoiding road stoppages has significant economic bonuses such as preventing delayed deliveries, spoilt goods, etc. and contribute to safety and operating in winter conditions. This is why truck winter tyre fitment on drive axles is mandatory in several European countries.

Truck winter tyres ensure that vehicle performance is optimised during the winter season, particularly when roads are affected by snow and ice. Tyres react differently according to temperature, so specific compounds and tread patterns are needed for such conditions. Good grip is of course essential for steering and braking control as well as traction. A more aggressive tread pattern in combination with a tread compound having the right characteristics is necessary, not only for good grip in snow but also on ice and to efficiently clear surface water.

The marking currently used on tyre sidewalls to differentiate winter tires from standard ones is M+S (also M.S or M&S), as stipulated by EU legislation. On November 1, 2012 UNECE Regulation 117 made a new marking official in the EU – the ‘Alpine’ symbol, or the 3-peak-mountain snowflake (3PMSF). Unlike the M+S marking, the 3PMSF can only be legally used if the tire meets a minimum performance threshold requirement on snow, the so called ‘snow grip index’. Currently M+S remains a permitted marking in most countries, but not legally linked to a minimum guaranteed performance in winter conditions. M+S tires have better snow traction than standard tires but do not necessarily pass the snow grip threshold legal requirement to qualify for the new 3-peak-mountain snowflake identification.

Goodyear Dedicated Truck Winter Tyres

Goodyear’s KMax D and FuelMax D drive tyres both comply with the 3PMSF requirements making them suitable for year round operation. For really severe winter conditions, the Goodyear UltraGripMax tyres are dedicated winter tyres for trucks and buses. Specifically for coaches, Goodyear offers the Ultra Grip Coach tyre. This is a specific winter drive tyre with enhanced snow traction, which meets the requirements for severe snow tyres. This tyre is of particular benefit on coaches which operate in areas such as the Nordic countries and in Alpine regions, where icy roads are common and sudden snow falls can cause serious delays. The tread design and width give it not only excellent grip and traction in winter conditions but also low noise levels, which mean enhanced customer comfort.

Buying winter tyres

When to fit truck winter tyres will depend on legal requirements where your vehicles operate or actual or anticipated weather conditions. Observe the law where you live and where you go. In some European countries, truck winter tyres are a legal requirement between certain dates in the year or in certain road conditions. Always check every time you enter a foreign country in winter.

Check winter tyres for wear

Truck winter tyres should be checked regularly for tyre pressure and tread depth. In countries where truck winter tyres are mandatory, a different minimum tread depth may be specified by law.