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Every new and retread truck tyre produced by Goodyear meets the highest standards of performance and quality. The EU tyre label shows just three performance levels but all tyres produced by Goodyear must meet very strict criteria. Goodyear analyzes over 50 performance criteria.. Our truck tyre testing regime means that every truck tyre meets the strictest standards. There is no bar higher that the one we set ourselves.
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Original equipment

At Goodyear we work closely with the leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, coaches and trailers. We work with them to help optimise the overall performance of their vehicles and also to develop innovative new truck tyres that can improve operational efficiency in other ways.
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Our truck tyres are packed with innovative breakthrough technologies, known as Max Technologies, which deliver longer-lasting truck tyres and top level performance. From high mileage to fuel economy - our priority is best performance and lowest cost per kilometer.
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Our engineers and research scientists stay firmly focused on the future while drawing inspiration from the milestones of our past. Goodyear research and development paves the way for transport revolutions.
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EU Tyre Label

The new EU tyre label provides important information about safety and the environmental aspects of a tyre. Similar to the energy label found on domestic appliances, the EU tyre label makes it easy to compare truck tyres in terms of fuel efficiency, wet grip, and noise.
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Seasonal Tyres

Seasonal Tyres

Truck winter tyres are specifically designed for operating in challenging weather conditions. Avoiding road stoppages has significant economic bonuses such as preventing delayed deliveries, spoilt goods, etc., and contribute to safety and mobility in winter conditions.
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Understanding your Tyre

Understanding Your Tyre

The commercially available tyre is a composite product, made up from rubber compounds and textile, steel synthetic reinforcements.
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Goodyear customer share their success stories
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