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Snel Logistic Solutions saves with Goodyear FuelMax

At the request of Goodyear, the Netherland based transport company Snel Logistic Solutions took part in a comprehensive tyre comparison trial earlier this year. The initial internal results with tractors fitted with FUELMAX tires show that the fuel savings were 1 litre per 100 kilometers compared to the other tyres in the test.

For the trial, two tractors of Snel Logistic Solutions were equipped with Goodyear FUELMAX S on the steer axle and FUELMAX D on the drive axle and two tractors with another premium brand. Since February 2014, each vehicle has covered approximately 145,000 kilometers and the first results measured by the fleet speak for themselves. "To be clear, the test is still running and we will judge the results at the end when we have an understanding of the total cost. But what is true so far is that the trucks with the new Goodyear tyres are the best with regards to fuel consumption in this test. The difference is quite significant, with the FUELMAX our tractors are consuming on average one litre less of fuel per 100 kilometers. In that respect it looks good for FUELMAX," says Peter Snel, Fleet Manager at Snel Logistic Solutions.

The company is considered as a forerunner in the field of innovation and quality. It uses new vehicles and utilises sophisticated internal and external monitoring. Equally important for the test is the route between Spa and Weert. "Our office in Weert is the Dutch distribution center for the Spa brand. We have a special shuttle operation comprising four trucks (4 x Scania R400 with Euro 5 engines). Every day the vehicles travel between the two locations, always using the same route with the same drivers. In short, it is the ideal test scenario. It is also recognized as such by truck manufacturers, who have asked us to test their Euro 6 vehicles,” explains Peter Snel.

Snel Logistic Solutions focuses primarily on fast moving consumer goods. The company, with some 200 drivers, believes in the combination of transport and logistics. The Netherlands based company helps customers reduce their costs from the start of production to the delivery of the finished goods. “Our own costs have been largely kept under scrutiny and optimised where possible. One big advantage we have is the driving module in our on-board computer. This is a constant resource to help optimise driving and it allows us to closely follow the drivers’ driving styles," said Peter Snel.