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Special truck tyres for hot conditions

Goodyear has developed Hot Climate Technology (HCT) tyres for trucks operating in more challenging operating conditions of heat, road surface and loading.

In some European, Middle East and African countries, operating conditions for truck tyres are tough, mainly due to high ambient and road temperatures. In addition, road conditions can be severe, overloading frequent with previous generation vehicles in service, both on tubeless and flat base, tube-type tyres.

To a large extent, standard European truck tyres in modern sizes perform adequately in hot countries. However, mainly in Middle East and Africa regions, optimized tyres are required for certain sizes and applications.

For this reason, specifically developed tread patterns, dedicated carcass constructions and/or specific tread compounds have been developed for HCT tyres. HCT tyres are identified by a Hot Climate Technology logo on the sidewall.

The HCT range of Goodyear truck tyres covers long and regional haul operations as well as mixed service applications.