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Driving Tips: Wind & Fog

Driving Tips: Wind & Fog

Weather can create a driving hazard. Special care must be taken in fog, high winds, rain and winter driving conditions. See our driving tips for extensive information on winter driving and driving in wet conditions. Here are some all-round tips for driving in fog and high winds:

1. In fog, slow down!

If you see headlights or taillights, slow down even more. A driver may be driving in the center of the roadway or may be stopped or barely moving.

2. Dim your headlights in foggy conditions.

Drive with your headlights set on dim, or use foglights.

3. Do not overdrive your headlights in fog.

Stay within the limits of your vision. You may have to stop suddenly. If the fog is too dense, pull off the road and stop. Do not drive at five or 10 miles per hour.

4. In foggy conditions, use your turn signal long before you turn.

Brake early when you approach a stop to warn other drivers.

5. In high winds, large and double vehicles must take special care.

Drivers of trucks, recreational vehicles, campers and trailers-in-tow must be especially careful.

6. Reduce your speed in windy conditions.

Reduce our speed and make steering corrections when you go from a protected area to an open area.

7. In high wind, reduce your speed when meeting large vehicles.

Reduce your speed when meeting large vehicles such as trucks and buses.

8. Heavy rain or sleet often accompanies high winds.

You should be alert to wet or slippery areas and plan for those conditions.