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3D-BIS Technology

3D-BIS Technology
More grip, shorter braking distances and improved handling.

At one time, varying winter conditions presented tyre engineers with different problems. On wet and dry roads, driving stability depends on the stiffness of your tyres’ tread blocks. However, winter tyres use sipes for better grip on snow and ice. These sipes divide each tread block into sections which makes each block pliable and reduces stability on wet and dry roads. 

Goodyear’s revolutionary 3D-BIS Technology® (3D-Block Interlocking System) locks all block elements together ensuring tread stiffness is maintained for improved steering stability on wet and dry roads for a more comfortable and less tiring drive. At the same time, it allows an increase in the number of sipes for more grip on snow and ice.
3d bis 1

Inside an opened sipe, there are raised rubber pyramids and corresponding holes on each side of the sipe.

3d bis 2

When the tread blocks come into contact with the road the sipes lock tightly thanks to this special waffle shape. This provides the required block stiffness for excellent handling and steering response on dry and wet roads.

3d bis 3

A high sipe density gives extra grip because sipes provide edges which literally bite into the snow and ice for strong grip and traction as they open up before coming into road surface contact.