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Driving Academy

Goodyear has launched the Driving Academy to increase road safety knowledge at an earlier age.

Goodyear launched its pioneering Driving Academy programme in 2012 to educate children about the importance of road safety by placing a real emphasis on understanding the Highway Code. 

Instead of placing restrictions on young drivers (currently being discussed by the Government), which could simply delay bad behaviour, Goodyear wants to address road-user attitudes and driving behaviour through education.

The Driving Academy uses an interactive online tool which can be easily run in a school’s IT suite.

Pupils get to play a fun driving game while being quizzed about the Highway Code. The Driving Academy also has a competitive element with scores given and prizes for the best score.

As part of the full Driving Academy which has been trialled in more than 20 schools across the UK, pupils also get to sit behind the wheel of a car with a trained instructor who shows them the basics of driving in a controlled area within the school grounds.  

The Driving Academy is run in partnership with Young Driver, who specialise in driver training for children aged 11 and upwards, this revolutionary initiative has the potential to save hundreds of lives each year.

The scheme has given hundreds of children a glimpse of the complexities of driving a car as well as the hazards.

Participating Schools

Schools who have participated in the Driving Academy programme to date include:

1. Goodyear HQ, Birmingham 

2. Goodyear Wolverhampton 

3. Penistone Grammar School 

4. The King's School 

5. Duffryn High School 

6. Brookfield Community School and Language College 

7. Kings Langley Secondary School

8. Harrow High School Academy 

9. Sale High School 

10. Stantonbury Campus

11. King's College 

12. Bredon School

13. Codsall High School 

14. Kings Langley Secondary School 

15. Thomas Telford 

16. Swadelands 

17. East Manchester Academy 

18. Milton Keynes Academy 

19. Fulford School

School Feedback

Joanne George, associate leader, Sale High School

"We welcome any initiative that promotes road safety amongst our students. This scheme introduced by Goodyear is certainly a step in the right direction as it aims to help reduce the number of road accidents involving young people."