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The Goodyear Safety Tour in Numbers

04-03-2011   Category: Events

To celebrate the arrival of the Goodyear Blimp, we’ve listed below some key statistics and facts on the history and specification of this famous fleet of airships:

Blimp Facts and Figures

1 The first Goodyear blimp was built in 1917

2 Blimps called Spirit of Safety I and Spirit of Safety II will operate in the 2011 European Goodyear Safety Tour

68,000 cubic feet of helium is needed to fly the Spirit of Safety Airships

20 European countries will be visited in the 2011 Goodyear Safety Tour

53mph is the Spirit of Safety Airship’s top speed.

59m is the length of Goodyear’s three active US-based GZ-20 blimps.

79 years ago the Goodyear’s blimp, Volunteer, gave a local radio station a bird’s-eye view of the Summer 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

1000km is the maximum range of the GY Airships 1 & 2 when travelling at 65kmh

1911 was the year Goodyear first started to produce airship envelopes.

1955 was the first transcontinental telecast from a Goodyear Blimp when NBC televised the Tournament of Roses Parade in California.

1964’s James Bond film, Goldfinger – which starred Sean Connery – featured one of Goodyear’s blimps in the opening titles.

1976’s Black Sunday movie – which starred Robert Shaw - revolved around a plot to kill spectators in a terrorist act at the Super Bowl in Miami, Florida.

Three Goodyear airships were used in the production 10,000ft is the maximum pressure height of the Spirit of Safety Airships Specification of Goodyear Spirit of Safety I and II.

Manufacturer: American Blimp Corporation

Length: 128ft Width/Height: 36ft (W) x 44ft (H) Volume: 68,000 cubic feet of helium

Illumination: Special internal illumination system Cabin Specifications Length: 8.8 ft Width/Height: 5 ft (W) x 6.3ft (H)

Passengers: 3, plus pilot (maximum capacity 5)

Camera Capabilities: Gyro-stabilised camera mounting capabilities, providing an excellent platform for TV/Video photography.

Performance Specifications Cruising Speed 32mph (28 knots) Max speed: 53 mph (46 knots with favourable winds) Power: Twin, 80 horsepower Limbach engines Crew (incl ground staff): 13

For more information on the Goodyear Blimp, please visit www.goodyear.eu