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Goodyear launches new tyre management system for fleet

22-10-2003Product group: Truck/Bus  

In an effort to provide the fastest and best possible service to truck and bus fleet operators across Europe, Goodyear Dunlop has launched a unique tyre management system called FleetOnlineSolutions. The online system ensures operators receive agreed to levels of service and pricing everywhere in Europe while minimising vehicle downtime and eliminating language barriers.

"We studied the European market and surveyed more than 1,000 fleet operators in 10 countries to find out what they really want," said Henry Johnson, managing director, Goodyear Dunlop truck tyres, Europe. "Reliability, good service and low costs, not surprisingly, are at the top of the list, but fleets that operate in several countries do not always find the consistency in service and pricing that they expect." Developed in conjunction with software development company SAP and using the Goodyear Dunlop central server, FleetOnlineSolutions holds a database covering each contracted company's vehicles, locations, tyre policy, agreed to terms and services covered. "This means a Goodyear Dunlop service provider can almost instantly start work on a vehicle and complete the work to meet the customer's exact requirements despite being in another country," Johnson said. In addition, payments are made automatically at agreed to prices so there are no delays obtaining credits or agreeing on prices. FleetOnlineSolutions covers the full spectrum of tyre services including regrooving, retreading, breakdowns, customer tire stock management and the supply of other brands if required. "Pan-European tyre management programs are not new, but the approach we have taken certainly is. This is what makes FleetOnlineSolutions stand head and shoulders above anything our competitors offer. Quite simply, the system ensures the same level of service and pricing your friendly local tyre dealer gives you, wherever you are in Europe," Johnson said. Goodyear Dunlop is also working with vehicle manufacturers to enable them to broaden their own contracts, particularly in the contract hire business. Currently, talks are underway with two of Europe's major truck manufacturers that, it is hoped, will lead to FleetOnlineSolutions being an integral part of their contract hire agreements. "We see manufacturers integrating FleetOnlineSolutions into their contracts as a natural progression," Johnson said. "They are the experts on trucks and we are the experts on tyres. For their vehicles, customers want guaranteed costs, in ‘per mile' terms, with minimal downtime for maintenance and repair. Working together with the truck or bus manufacturer we can provide it."