Goodyear tires for world’s biggest semi-truck

Semi truck
New tire for straddle carriers gives high productivity and stability in all conditions
Goodyear is supplying tires for Tractomas the world’s largest semi-truck 1, which is built by French heavy-haulage vehicle specialist Nicolas. Capable of pulling a road train weighing 535 tonnes, the 1000 horsepower tractor unit will be fitted with massive 385/95R25 Goodyear GP-2B tires. The truck will be displayed on the Nicolas stand at the Bauma construction industry exhibition in Munich from 15 to 21 April 2013 (Open Air Area F8, stand N828)
The truck, built by French heavy-haulage vehicle specialist Nicolas, has been ordered by mining company LCR and will operate pulling a train of side-tipping trailers at a lignite mine in the Australian state of Queensland. The Tractomas TR 10x10 has an unladen weight of 40 tonnes, is 10 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 4.6 meters high. It is powered by a 27-liter Caterpillar diesel engine, which develops 1000 hp and will propel the tractor and trailers with a total train weight of about 535 tonnes at a speed of up to 50 km/h over distances of up to 40 kilometers.
Semi truck
The Goodyear GP-2B is a multi-purpose 100 level tire, most commonly used on mobile cranes for off road operations. It is a long-wearing radial tire offering a high level of lateral traction in demanding conditions and a smooth ride on hard improved surfaces. Its open shoulder grooves provide outstanding self-cleaning characteristics. The size mounted on the Tractomas is 385/95R25.
Goodyear produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of top quality OTR tires on the market. Applications include rigid and articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders, motor graders, port and industrial, mining and mobile cranes.
With RunOnFlat tires, there is also no need for a spare wheel or a car jack. This frees up space for luggage, lowers cost and saves weight, which leads to greater fuel economy.

Over 2,5 Million RunOnFlat tires sold in 2008

Several car manufacturers have decided to complete their vehicle's safety packages with the industry's leading tire technology that protects drivers and their families in case of a sudden air loss – a seldom but risky incident. Goodyear delivers RunOnFlat tires to leading car makers such as Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and several others. In 2008 Goodyear sold over 2,5 Million tires with RunOnFlat Technology.

Leading car manufacturers equip their models with RunOnflat tires

The Original Equipment market's interest leads the demand for Goodyear's innovative technology. Goodyear today equips about 35 percent of the cars that are originally fitted with this tire technology and the interest from consumers is growing steadily.
The Original Equipment market's interest leads the demand for Goodyear's innovative technology. Goodyear today equips about 35 percent of the cars that are originally fitted with this tire technology and the interest from consumers is growing steadily.
"All top-of-the-range models of the BMW group such as the 7-series, X5, X6 and all Rolls-Royce models are delivered to their new owners on tires with run-flat technology. These cars are driven by consumers that in particular value the high comfort levels of their prestigious cars," said Jean-Pierre Jeusette, Goodyear Director Tire Technology Consumer Tires for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
In 2008, RunOnFlat tires were supplied to Audi for its A3, A5, A6 and TT models. Mercedes-Benz has equipped its A-, C-, CLS, CLK-, SLK, GL, E- and S-Class with RunOnFlat tires. Owners of a Ferrari 360 Modena, F430, a Maserati Quattroporte or Jaguar XK could drive tires with Goodyear's RunOnFlat Technology, as could owners of a Ford Galaxy, Mondeo or an Opel Astra and Corsa. "The range of models that are available with RunOnFlat tires is wide with over 100 new projects in the pipeline for the next two years," said Jeusette.
Goodyear's RunOnFlat Technology is available not only for summer tires. "We cover all applications: summer, winter, all-season, SUV – the range is complete," said Jeusette.

Safety and mobility

Goodyear RunOnFlat tires allow drivers of all these different cars to keep on driving in the event of a puncture and therefore, leaving them ample time to get home or to a nearby repair shop by providing continued mobility within a distance of at least 80km and at a maximum speed of 80km/h – even on a fully deflated tire. Goodyear's RunOnFlat effectively puts an end to the hassle of changing a tire whilst being exposed to passing traffic or unloading the boot in the pouring rain to find the spare tire.
For the past few years, Goodyear's RunOnFlat has been one of the leading active safety technologies to help drivers maintain full control over the car in the event of a puncture.

About Goodyear

Goodyear employs approximately 71,000 people and manufactures its products in more than 60 facilities in 25 countries around the world.

Goodyear's innovations have set automotive standards for more than 100 years. Goodyear has been the pioneer of the innovative safety technology known as RunOnFlat, which allows a driver to continue on a journey with a punctured tire. Goodyear is the world's leading manufacturer of RunOnFlat tires, with applications on various BMWs, the award winning Mini, Mercedes-Benz high performance cars, Opel and other brands. Additional Goodyear RunOnFlat fitments are on the horizon, as the company's designers are working with multiple automobile manufacturers on more than 100 RunOnFlat projects.

For more information on Goodyear and its products, visit www.goodyear.com.