Goodyear showcases its AA-graded tire at Geneva Motor Show

AA-graded tire
EfficientGrip AA Edition concept tire meets the highest safety and environmental standards
Geneva, Switzerland - Goodyear announces today that it is showcasing one of its AA-labeled tires in Europe, under the brand name EfficientGrip AA Edition. The concept tire, developed in four sizes, achieves new standards, delivering some of the best wet grip and rolling resistance a tire can offer today. EfficientGrip AA Edition will primarily serve as a base for further R&D development of high label grade tires to be introduced in the near future, as well as a demonstration tire at events.
AA-graded tire
The EfficientGrip AA Edition is a major jump in technology, delivering tires that get top marks on safety and environmental-related parameters as set out by the European tire label regulation1. The European tire label is similar to existing energy efficiency labels (such as on household appliances) with A being the highest performing tire in its category and G the least performing.
The concept tire was built using proprietary technology developed by Goodyear at its Innovations Center in Luxembourg, including a vastly enhanced compound which literally bypasses several technological generations. The compound technology alone was of course not sufficient, and the tire today combines this with an improved tread structure and even an adapted manufacturing technique. Details of the technology remain confidential.
“Like the criteria set out for household appliances, the tire label judges us on standards which contribute to enabling a better environment for us all, our ability to deliver a tire which achieves top marks in tough conditions – namely in wet -, and our ability to be environmentally considerate by delivering a tire that reduces overall fuel consumption of the car, and consequently decreases CO2 generated by the vehicle”, says Hugues Despres, Brand Director Goodyear EMEA. “To achieve this, our Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg pushed the boundaries of current tire technology to deliver some of the best grading under the new European Tire label – it’s a great engineering achievement”.
Under the new labeling scheme, Goodyear’s new AA concept tires achieve top marks on both fuel efficiency and wet grip. Both represent the brand’s key assets, namely its ability to deliver a tire that helps improve overall road safety thanks to some of the industry’s most advanced tire technologies as well as a tire that has a less impact on the environment through a low rolling resistance.
At this point in time Goodyear has developed a limited number of the tires, primarily built for research and development reasons, as well as a showcase of the brand’s technological capabilities. With four sizes in AA, the company is one of the leading players in AA labeling, which can vary by tire size. The AA tire will not be on sale at retail outlets.

1Tires tested on the requirements set out by European Regulation 1222/2009 and accompanying implementing regulations.