New carbon calculator helps fleets save money and drive down CO2

Fuel efficiency
A new calculator released today by Goodyear Dunlop will help fleets understand which fuel savings investments will deliver maximum return on investment (ROI). The Fuel Efficiency Calculator, modeled to the real-life conditions of Europe’s road haulers, will allow fleet buyers to see their potential savings in terms of CO2, fuel and cost savings. The Fuel Efficiency Calculator can be accessed at: www.fleet-calculator.eu.
As part of Goodyear Dunlop’s campaign to help fleets improve their fuel efficiency, the calculator is launching against a backdrop of rising fuel costs and carbon taxes likely to affect road haulers in the coming years. Fleets, while already doing what they can to improve fuel economy, are under cost and regulatory pressure to do even more. According to a report released recently by Goodyear Dunlop a quarter of fleets said a procurement tool to predict ROI would help them to achieve greater fuel savings.
The calculator’s functionality will allow fleets, through a central location and user friendly graphical tools, to predict the effect tire choice, investments in driver training, and various aerodynamic retrofit solutions will have on driving down fuel bills and increasing environmental credentials. Noticeably, the tool is ready to handle the Rolling Resistance labels in the format that tire buyers will see them in the near future, as a result of the new EU labeling regulations. See tutorial on EU tire labeling regulation at http://www.goodyear.eu/home_en/tire-advice/future-eu-tire-label/
Fuel efficiency
Michel Rzonzef, Vice President, Goodyear Dunlop Commercial tire business EMEA, said: “We work with fleet customers every day to find new ways to increase efficiency, and particularly for smaller fleets or single owner/operators, there is currently nothing on the market to help them accurately, and consistently understand what and when they can expect to see a return on the initial investment.” The calculator was developed alongside Panteia/NEA which provided detailed market information from across Europe to ensure the model’s accuracy.

The calculator is available free of charge to any European fleet operator and any interested person, and will provide them with the following estimates:

  • Fuel consumption reduction in liters/100 km
  • Annual fuel savings in liters
  • Annual CO2 savings in tones
  • Net cost savings per year
Françoise van den Broek, director at Panteia/NEA, commented: “Solutions that support the fleet fuel efficiency are becoming more and more important nowadays. The tool we have developed is transparent, objective and based on decades of experience in yearly cost monitoring and benchmarking within the road transport sector. The tool therefore gives a fleet manager a real understanding of the ROI and the total savings of the life time investment based on his own business situation. Furthermore, it is also a commercial tool for tire dealers with which they can support their business.”
“The road freight sector is facing huge change, and fleets need to be able to plan for a sustainable future,” said Rzonzef. “This calculator will put an end to customer confusion over the multiple and competing manufacturer claims of the fuel savings their products promise to deliver. We are confident that our customers, particularly in small and medium size operations, will see clear commercial benefits from visiting our fuel efficiency web portal and trialing the calculator.”
The use the fuel calculator, please visit www.fleet-calculator.eu

About the Fleet Fuel Efficiency campaign

Goodyear Dunlop set out to learn the challenges European fleet managers are currently facing and conducted a quantitative survey of over 400 European long- and regional-haul fleet managers between September and November 2011. The survey research was supplemented by in-depth interviews with 16 fleet managers and 20 industry experts, academics and policy makers.
Respondents from the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Benelux were contacted via e-mail and phone and were asked 20 quantitative questions about their experiences and opinions on managing fuel efficiency. Survey results represented a wide range of firms in the sector: 60% fleets of 1-50 trucks (these are the fleets most at risk from rising costs), 30% managed fleets of 51-250 trucks, and a tenth managed fleets above this size. Full results have been revealed at Goodyear Dunlop Fleet Symposium on 25th January 2012.
For more information on the report and to download it, visit www.fleet-fuel-efficiency.eu

About Goodyear Dunlop Symposium: “Driving Fuel Efficiency in Europe’s Road Freight Transport”

On January 25 Goodyear Dunlop Europe hosted an event that saw over 170 of the continent’s top commercial fleet representatives, industry leaders and transportation policy makers attend a one-day symposium in Brussels designed to open a wider debate on increased demand for more fuel efficiency from Euro’s road freight sector. The symposium was built on a newly introduced report called “Driving fleet fuel efficiency: The Road to 2020“.