Goodyear Launches New Generation Regional Haul Trailer Tires for More Mileage and Higher Loads.

Brussels, September 27, 2011 – Goodyear is launching the Regional RHT II, a brand new range of trailer tires, which is predominately for use on vehicles operating in the regional haul sector. The Regional RHT II range is mainly for 22.5” rims and offers improved performance in mileage and rolling resistance compared with its predecessor, the Goodyear Regional RHT. This means even lower cost per kilometer for the operator. Significant mileage potential improvement, which is up to 30% better than the Regional RHT, excellent wet skid performance and high robustness are some of the key performance factors that will make this range attractive to operators. Regional RHT II tires comply with the future EU regulation 661/2009; achieving excellent rolling resistance and noise levels. The new range includes a high-load tire that can provide an axle weight capacity of 10 tonnes, giving more payload, high mileage and good durability.
Regional RHT II
Key design features of the Regional RHT II are an optimized multi radius cavity shape, strong shoulder ribs and zigzag-shaped tread grooves. These provide the benefits of uniform and optimum wear, resistance against shoulder wear and robustness during maneuvering. The groove shapes minimize stone-holding and improve wet braking.
The greater mileage potential is due to a new tread compound and 15% more wearable rubber volume. The tread of the Goodyear Regional RHT II is 10 mm wider and has 8% more depth than its predecessor.
The new tires benefit from Goodyear Max Technology and feature KMax Technology. KMax Technology is a combination of dedicated tire features, which have been developed to maximize tire mileage, allow a wide application range and improve the tire structure robustness.
Trials were run to compare the new Regional RHT II trailer tires with the Regional RHT, which it replaces, and a main premium competitor. Transport company Penyafort from Barcelona took part in one trial using a tri-axle Spitzer powder tanker. The previous tires, the Regional RHT, were the benchmark and an average of 129,000 kilometers was recorded on the third trailer axle before these tires required replacement. The Regional RHT II recorded an average of 179,000 kilometers and the competitor 155,000 kilometers to the same level of wear. This translates into the Regional RHT II having 39% better mileage than its predecessor and 19% more than the competitor.
In a similar trial with Transports Coing in France using a Kaiser curtain-sider tri-axle trailer, the results were 115,000 kilometers average for the Regional RHT, 139,000 for the Regional RHT II and 125,000 for the competitor. This put the Regional RHT II 21% better in mileage than its predecessor and 12% better than a main competitor in the same segment. The trials were repeated using several sets of tires to ensure consistency. They also showed that the anticipated average life of the Regional RHT II on the first trailer axle was up to 250,000 kilometers in the Penyafort fleet and up to 190,000 in the Coing fleet. In both cases there was no tread chunking or cracking reported and tread wear was even. The trials were run between October 2009 and March 2011.
To summarize the comparative performance of the tires as shown in the chart below; the Regional RHT II offers excellent mileage and improved wear potential, lower rolling resistance than a main competitor, improved wet braking performance and a low noise level of only 71 dB(A).
Test RHT RHT II Competitor
Mileage potencial * 100 130 115
Rolling resistance ** 100 110 99
Wet grip index ** 100 100 100
Wet breaking ** 100 102 90

** The higher the figure shown on this graph the better the performance for that area.
* Average of mileage performance measured in the fleets of Penyafort in Spain and Transports Coing in France during 2009 and 2011 using 435/50R19.5 size tires.
** Data generated in the Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg related to 385/65R22.5 tires during 2010 and 2011.

The new tires will be available in the following sizes and load indexes:
Size LI / IS Availability Comments
385/65R22.5 160 K (158 L) Available
164 K (158 L) Available High Load version
435/50R19.5 160 K Available Six ribs
385/55R22.5 106 K (158L) December 2011
425/65R22.5 165 K March 2012
445/65R22.5 169 K April 2012
The prototype of the Regional RHT II 385/65R22.5 high load tire was shown at the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover. The load capacity of this tire can provide lightweight tandem bogie trailers with an attractive payload compared with conventional tri-axle trailers. The new tires allow 20 tonnes on a tandem bogie compared with 24 tonnes on a conventional tri-axle bogie, as they have a load index of 164 = 5 tonnes instead of the normal 160 = 4.5 tonnes. A tandem semi-trailer with a 4x2 tractor can provide a maximum GVW of 38 tonnes compared with 40 tonnes GVW for a 4x2 tractor and tri-axle semi-trailer. As a tandem bogie can be approximately one tonne lighter than a tri-axle bogie, this means that there is only up to 1000 kgs difference in payload between the two. Additionally, the operating costs of such a lightweight tandem trailer can be significantly lower than many conventional tri-axle trailers and tri-axle trailers frequently operate at less than maximum capacity offering very attractive potential cost savings to operators.
The high-load tire has a new carcass, which is designed to reduce internal temperatures to ensure high mileage and good durability. Goodyear and Schmitz Cargobull have worked together on the development of this tire.
The Goodyear Regional RHT II is fully regroovable and retreadable.