Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance officially launched at Geneva Motorshow

EU tire label
New summer passenger tire delivers on company’s label leadership vision with a BA rating
Geneva, Switzerland - Goodyear announces today that it has renewed its summer passenger tire line-up with the introduction of the EfficientGrip Performance range. The new EfficientGrip Performance, available in 90 sizes, delivers some of the highest European label grades commercially available on the market today, with an A-label on wet grip and a B-label for rolling resistance. Also in noise, the third label criteria, the tire delivers some of the lowest decibel values available on the market for such a range of sizes.1.
EU tire label
The EfficientGrip Performance is being launched only a few months after the introduction of the new European tire labeling program, but is already one of the tires on the market in terms of EU label gradings. The tire also completes an extensive range of products under Goodyear’s EfficientGrip family which today serves the full scope of the car market, from small city vehicles with its EfficientGrip Compact to meeting the needs of the SUV market with the EfficientGrip SUV.
“The EfficientGrip Performance is a major product for us in the next years to come. It not only covers the widest spectrum of tire sizes for the mid to luxury-segment of vehicles, it is also a first concrete step in our ambition to be one of the leading players in European tire labeling”, says Hugues Despres, Brand Director for Goodyear EMEA. “We believe the tire label is a game changer and it will impact how consumers choose their tires in the future. The introduction of the EfficientGrip Performance is a first concrete step for Goodyear and is a real achievement”.
Available from 14" to 18", the new EfficientGrip Performance will be offered in 90 sizes across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.2

1 On March 1st, 2013 a total of 23 tire sizes are available, of which 21 are BA rated, accounting for approx. 91% of the total available portfolio at this time.