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The new OMNITRAC S HEAVY DUTY steer axle tyre features high mileage and enhanced durability in severe mixed service conditions.

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" Izmēri


Riepas šķērsgriezuma platums, profila augstums, riepas konstrukcija (R = radiāla) un diska diametrs.

Kravnesības indekss (LI2)

Slodzes indekss

Norāda maksimālo kravnesību, ko nodrošina riepa.

Ātruma simbols (SI2)

Ātruma indekss

Norāda dotās riepas maksimālo ātrumu.

Ass slodze (kg)

Ass slodze (kg)

Maksimālais svars uz asi.

Norm. spied.

Nom. Spiediens

Nominālais gaisa spiediens (bāros).

Rek. Disks

Rek. Disks

Ieteicamais diska platums (saskaņā ar ETRTO).



Protektors Snowgrip Icegrip

Snowgrip, Icegrip


  1. 1. DuraShield technology

    Top belt prevents objects from penetrating the belt package and protects the casing from corrosion -> New level of casing durability and retreadability performance

  2. 2. 4-rib design

    Robust tread design with massive shoulder ribs to resist the most demanding mixed service applications -> High mileage and even wear performance without chunking.

  3. 3. ‘Quick release’ groove shapes and centerline stone ejectors

    Trapped stones are quickly released by the tread movemements and centerline stone ejectors prevent them from reaching the groove bottom -> Excellent protection against stone damage leading to less punctures and more casing durability, excellent self cleaning in all terrains for good traction

  4. 4. High chip and chunk resistance tread compound with increased undertread rubber gauge

    A new tread rubber particularly designed to resist to chipping and chunking in all tyre life phases provides high mileage. Increased undertread rubber provides extra protection.-> High overall mileage and resistance to chipping and chunking. Improved retreadability through better casing protection.


  • Construction / Mixed Service / Off -Road

DuraShield Technology

The new OMNITRAC S and D HEAVY DUTY feature

the innovative DuraShield technology casing.
A non metallic top belt layer prevents moisture from

getting in contact with the steel belts and protects the

casing structure from damages and corrosion.The

new design enhances the durability throughout the

tire life and offers ideal conditions for high quality


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