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UrbanMax MCA

  • Muncipal
  • Muncipal All position tyre

Steer and all-position tyre for urban applications

  • High mileage and even wear
  • Good performance in wet and snow
  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • All position capability
  • Retreadable


Performance ratings

  • Mileage potential 5 out of 5
  • Sidewall protection 4 out of 5

Based on Goodyear internal tests


22.5" Size


Tyre section width, aspect ratio, tyre construction (R= Radial) and rim diameter.

Load index (LI2)

Load Index

Indicates maximum load a given tyre can carry.

Speed Symbol (SI2)

Speed Index

Indicates maximum speed for a given tyre.

Axle load (Kg)

Axle load (kg)

The maximum weight per axle.

Norm. Inf

Nom. Infl

Nominal inflation (bar).

Rec. Rim

Rec. Rim

Recommended rim width (as per ETRTO).



275/70R22.5 150 / 145 (152 / 148 ) J (E) 3350 / 2900 0.00 7.50 URBANMAX MCA
295/80R22.5 152 / 148 (154 / 150 ) J (E) 3550 / 3150 8.00 8.25 URBANMAX MCA


UrbanMax MCA
  1. 1. Wide 5-rib tread pattern

    Promotes high mileage, good handling

  2. 2. Flexomatic blading on centre ribs

    Promotes high mileage, good performance in wet and snow

  3. 3. Rib edge blading

    For even wear and good performance in wet and snow

  4. 4. Enhanced centre rib

    High-amplitude centreline rib for improved traction, all-position capability

  5. 5. Robust shoulder

    For improved damage resistance

  6. 6. Reinforced sidewalls

    With wear indicators for trouble-free tyre life


  • City transport
  • All positions
UrbanMax Technology

UrbanMax Technology

UrbanMax Technology is a specific combination of innovative technology materials, dedicated tread patterns and durable carcass construction. This combination enhances year-round tyre performance for better fleet efficiency.

  • Enhanced mileage
  • Improved damage resistance
  • All-season capability
  • Regroovable and retreadable

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