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  • On Road
  • On Road Steer tyre

Up to 30% more mileage compared to its predecessor*. Thanks to its computer modelled tread profile for optimised tyre pressure distribution, the KMAX S tyre offers:

  • Regular wear
  • High mileage
  • Robustness
  • Good braking on wet and excellent handling.
  • KMAX Technology

    KMAX Technology

    Excellent mileage for regional and long haul applications

  • Retreadable


Performance ratings

  • Mileage potential 5 out of 5
  • Wet braking 4 out of 5

Based on Goodyear internal tests


" Size


Tyre section width, aspect ratio, tyre construction (R= Radial) and rim diameter.

Load index (LI2)

Load Index

Indicates maximum load a given tyre can carry.

Speed Symbol (SI2)

Speed Index

Indicates maximum speed for a given tyre.

Axle load (Kg)

Axle load (kg)

The maximum weight per axle.

Norm. Inf

Nom. Infl

Nominal inflation (bar).

Rec. Rim

Rec. Rim

Recommended rim width (as per ETRTO).





  1. 1. IntelliMax Rib Technology: Stiffer tread

    High mileage and regular wear

  2. 2. Wide tread, optimised footprint

    High mileage

  3. 3. Robust, wide shoulders

    Improved robustness

  4. 4. Specific blading frequency and geometry

    Excellent braking on wet

      * Comparative tests made by Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg on size 315/80R22.5 between July 2011 and June 2013 show that new Goodyear KMAX S and KMAX D steer and drive tyres offer an improvement in mileage potential of up to 30% and 35% respectively vs. Goodyear RHS II and RHD II+ tyres.


  • Regional and long haul application
KMax Technology

KMAX Technology

The new KMAX S sees the introduction of the latest KMAX Technology.

The KMAX S features IntelliMax Rib Technology. Special “bridges” in the grooves allow the tread to have stiffer cornering compared to its predecessor, as the ribs of the design support one another. By reducing the rib movement the IntelliMax Rib Technology ensures an optimised pressure distribution and footprint shape for regular wear and high mileage.

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