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Mold Cure Retreads

    Mold Cure Retreads

    Every casing is carefully examined for damage before it is accepted by Goodyear for retreading. All casings that do not meet our stringent specifications are rejected. After passing examination, the old tread is removed and the carcass is prepared for retreading.

    The mold cure retreading process for Goodyear TreadMax and Next Tread products involves uncured rubber being applied to a buffed and prepared carcass.

    The tread pattern and sidewall stamping are then molded to the carcass in a heated press. This is very similar to the process used in the manufacture of new tyres.

    Goodyear provides three choices to operators when their tyre tread depth reaches a level where retreading is an option and the casing is undamaged.


    Goodyear’s premium TreadMax in-house production methods virtually replicate the original manufacturing process. They use latest generation casings of Goodyear truck tyres with Max Technology, materials and tread patterns that are virtually identical to those used on new tyres. For this reason, the performance they offer is similar to that of new tyres.

    The reliability of Goodyear TreadMax retreads is at the same level as that of new tyres. This is thanks not only to the materials and processes used but also the stringent casing examination and high quality production process, as well as the numerous quality control checks that are carried out within the process.

    Next Tread

    To produce a Next Tread product, non-vulcanized tread rubber is applied to a buffed casing. The tyre is then heated in a mold, where the rubber vulcanizes and forms the new tread design. After the mold cure process is completed, Goodyear examines the tyre. This final inspection ensures that only tyres that meet Goodyear’s high standards leave the retread plant.

    The range of Next Tread mold cure products compliments the premium range with proven pattern retreads. Next Tread retreads can also be produced by utilising a wide range of commercial truck tyre casings.

    Customer Owned Casing

    The old tire is retreaded by Goodyear using the MoldCure process and returned as a new TreadMax or Next Tread product. The customer just pays for the retreading process. This is the preferred option for many operators who like to know the whole life history of their tires.

    Casing Exchange

    The old tyre is purchased by Goodyear and a new retread then sold to the customer.

    Casing Purchase

    The old tire is sold to Goodyear for retreading and use by another vehicle operator.