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Goodyear KMAX Tires Prove Most Efficient for Standard LLC

Low cost per kilometer, high grip level and good fuel economy are the verdict of Russian haulier

Goodyear´s latest high mileage KMAX truck tires have proven to be the most efficient truck tires for the Russian transport company Standard LLC following a recent trial. They tested Goodyear KMAX truck tires and their conclusion is that the tires give low cost per kilometer, high grip and good fuel economy.

The Russian transport company Standard LLC operates 120 DAF and MAN trucks on transport operations carrying cargo both in Russia and internationally. In June 2014 the fleet started testing Goodyear´s latest high mileage truck tire range on MAN TGS 19.400, which was fitted with KMAX S steer tires in size 315/70R22.5, KMAX D drive tires size 315/70R22.5 and KMAX T 385/65R22.5 trailer tires.

At just over 122,000 kilometers, the remaining tread depths recorded were all between 14 and 15 mm with the exception of one steer tire that was 13 mm. “When we choose truck tires we look for three main parameters; the first is cost per kilometer, the second is safety, and the third is fuel economy,” said Standard’s Chief engineer Artak Kochinyan. “We tested different premium brands including Goodyear. During the tests we found that Goodyear truck tires show good results in all areas – low cost per kilometer, high grip and good fuel economy. Today we consider the Goodyear KMAX to be the most efficient one.”

Another aspect of tire performance in which the Goodyear KMAX range excels is winter traction. Fedor Shefer was the driver during the tests. He said, “My truck operates mainly on dry paved roads, but there were a few situations in the Urals with severe weather conditions; it snowed and was icy. The road was really slippery so I could test the grip performance of the Goodyear truck tires. And I can say – it is a good tire, really good.”