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ČSAD picks Goodyear KMax & FuelMax thanks to successful test results

Following on from a trial which proved Goodyear KMax tyres give high mileage, the Czech company ČSAD Frýdek-Místek a.s. decided to fit KMax tyres to all its regional trucks and FuelMax tyres on all its other vehicles to improve their fuel consumption. ČSAD operates international and domestic freight transport, specializing in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR) including compressed and liquid gases

In conjunction with the Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg, ČSAD tested the latest Goodyear KMax tyres during 2012 and 2013, using tankers for industrial gas companies Linde and Messer. Based on the successful results of this joint testing, ČSAD has now fitted KMax S and D tyres on all its vehicles for regional operations and the company states that these are providing them optimized cost per kilometer due to mileage. The new FuelMax line also kept its promises – especially regarding lower fuel consumption. According to internal evaluation of ČSAD vehicles using FuelMax tyres previously averaged 28 to 30 l/100km but with the new tires, fuel consumption has improved by about 0.2 to 0.3 l/100km.

“We have been very impressed by the performance of the new Goodyear KMax and FuelMax tyres,” said Jiří Javúrek, Fleet Director of ČSAD Frýdek Místek a.s.. “We are getting much better mileage in regional operations than from our previous tyres and are now fitting KMax to all our vehicles in this sector. The fuel consumption that we are getting thanks to the FuelMax tyres is also very impressive and we are fitting these to other vehicles in our fleet as well.”

The testing of the KMAx tyres together with the Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg in 2012 and 2013 involved 25 Volvo FH13 460 trucks with various tank trailers carrying compressed and liquid gases both internationally and domestically. The tests showed that the tyre life was most impressive: The KMax S steer tires covered more than 140,000 kilometers and the KMax D tyres on the drive axles ran 200,000 kilometers.

Beside tankers for industrial gas the company also operates passenger transport services, including municipal, suburban and international touring operations. Servicing for Irisbus-Iveco, Kögel, SOR and SAF is another part of the operation. ČSAD Frýdek-Místek a.s. operates 130 trucks and 104 buses but the 3ČSAD group as a whole has more than 170 trucks and 330 public service vehicles for regional and coach transport. For the truck fleet, an average day’s travel is about 400 kilometers, involving two loading locations and eight delivery sites. About 90% of the tyres the group uses are Goodyear or Goodyear owned brands and since 2002 the company has had a contract partnership with the Goodyear TruckForce network.