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Faur Picks Goodyear Marathon Coach Tyres

Goodyear´s Marathon Coach provides all season performance and long life

French coach operator Faur was among the first customers to test Goodyear Marathon Coach tyres. After the successful evaluation of the tyres’ performance, the company now has fitted all of their 80 coaches with the dedicated Goodyear coach tyres because they provide very good all season performance and high mileage leading to reduced costs.

The Faur company has been a family business for five generations with Lilian Faur as its current CEO. It has a fleet of 80 coaches, with 45 in Toulouse and 35 in Perpignan. Sixty percent of their business is dedicated to tourism and forty percent to school services. "The winter season is very important for us,” said Lilian Faur. “It represents about 500 trips in the Pyrenees and every day from November to April or even May, we run trips to the Alps. We do not use snow tyres.” His reason is simple: these tyres are demanding in terms of logistics and the proportion of driving on dry roads and in winter conditions do not justify the investment. So the company decided to test the new Goodyear Marathon Coach tyre, which was especially developed as an all season tyre for coaches. The very good performance in terms of grip and traction of the Marathon Coach tyres was the deciding factor in choosing this tyre for all of Faur’s 80 vehicles.

In addition to grip and traction, what also impressed Lilian Faur about Goodyear tyres was their mileage. "In our point of view theses tyres are best in terms of performance and price in the premium tyre segment with a competitive price advantage and more kilometers. Shoulder wear is often a problem affecting tyres on modern coaches but the Marathon Coach performed very well and as a result delivers high mileage," said Lilian Faur.

The Marathon Coach is an all position tyre for year-round use. Its unique asymmetric design offers excellent even wear and mileage with a high comfort level. This design, which Goodyear developed specifically for the Marathon Coach tyre, addresses the uneven tyre wear of tyres mounted on modern coaches and is the first dedicated tread pattern for coach tyres from Goodyear.

The Goodyear Marathon Coach all position tyre in 295/80R22.5 has a load index of 154, representing 3750 kg tyre load carrying capacity. The fitment of Goodyear Marathon Coach tyres on the front axle meets the proposed changes to EU vehicle weight limits for public service vehicles, which could come into effect in 2018. Due to an increase in the average weight of passengers and their luggage and the EU’s desire for more efficient transport and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, the Commission is proposing to increase the permitted weight limit of two-axle passenger service vehicles from 18 to 19 tonnes . While precise details of the proposals have yet to be defined, this allows a 7.5 tonne front axle weight in combination with an 11.5 tonne drive axle.