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Best in the dry. Best in the wet. Goodyear wins Evo tyre test with Eagle F1 Asymmetric

19-09-2007Product group: Car   Category: Test awards

The new Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric has taken its first major independent UK tyre test victory, with 'Evo' magazine declaring the latest Goodyear ultra-high performance tyre as the dominant winner in a comparison of nine brands.

Goodyear F1 Asymmetric - Alfa

The test was particularly significant because the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric topped the handling tests in both wet and dry conditions, underlining how the tyre's unique Active CornerGrip Technology ensures performance and safety without any compromise.

The test took place at the Bridgestone Research and Development centre, and measured handling, aquaplaning resistance and braking using a Volkswagen Golf GTi. The Goodyear set the fastest lap times in wet and dry conditions, generated the most cornering force and had the shortest stopping distance in the wet. The test drivers raved about the Goodyear performance: "The steering feels clean, direct and positive. It is a decisive win for the new Goodyear" stated Jethro Bovingdon from Evo.

The test highlighted the surprisingly big differences in new tyre performance. On the wet handling track, the Goodyear was able to lap 7.5 seconds faster than the ninth placed tyre. That means that in less than ten laps of the circuit, an identical Golf GTi fitted with the worst-performing tyre would be a full lap behind the Goodyear-shod car in the wet.

It was a similar story in an emergency stop situation as well. Evo found that the Goodyear could brake from 55mph an incredible 12.5 metres shorter than the worst performing tyre. This is the equivalent of two and a half car lengths.

The performance of the Goodyear is a result of its unique design: "In itself, an asymmetric tread profile is nothing new", stated Edouard Michel, project manager at Goodyear, and responsible for the development of Goodyear's ultra-high performance tyres., adding: "but the Eagle F1 Asymmetric also premieres an asymmetrical construction - an aramid layer in the inner sidewall of the tyre that optimizes the cornering performance" This new trademarked Goodyear technology is called Active Cornergrip Technology.

Active Cornergrip Technology provides a more even pressure distribution across the contact patch during cornering, which consequently provides more grip. Michel continued: "This technology dramatically improves grip in corners, while at the same time reducing abrasion, which significantly increases tyre mileage."