Why choose Goodyear?

Every Goodyear tire has more than one hundred years of safety-driven innovation behind it. We’re committed to making tires safer, longer lasting, and kinder to the environment. With Goodyear, you get performance and peace of mind as standard.

Safety together

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, tires play a vital role in driving safety. Goodyear is at the forefront in developing new technologies that help to keep you secure on every journey. From compound polymers that deliver better grip and braking, to tread patterns that keep working when worn, we’re dedicated to delivering products you can trust.

A tradition of innovation

At Goodyear, we’re always looking ahead. We’ve been advancing tire technology since 1898 – producing the tires for the first Ford Model T, playing our part in land speed records, and crafting the first tire to land on the moon. Along the way, we’ve pioneered technologies that have been used in everything from aircraft to artificial hearts. We’re continually crossing boundaries to make our products better, which means you’ll always get a tire based on the very best of our research.

Kinder to the planet

Goodyear technologies are helping to protect the planet too. Our latest tires last longer, use fewer natural resources, and reduce fuel consumption. With our recent advances in renewable biomass materials, we’re working to reduce our impact further and help you leave a smaller footprint.