Marcus Eitel & Linda Werab

Spedition Eitel, Germany

"TPMS simply sees the stuff you can't see."


Sure, it took some time to get the tyre data sorted. But now, the tyre monitoring system TPMS has helped Eitel Spedition, based in Nagold near Stuttgart, Germany, to avoid up to 70% of unforeseen cases of tyre damage. A competitive advantage for a just-in-time delivery logistics specialist.

Making the data work for you

‘Actually, we’d love to take our data approach even further than we do now,’ explains Linda Werab, daughter of the Managing Director Marcus Eitel and digital native in the team. ‘There are so many possibilities we see, having spent about 2 years now with TPMS. We want to tune it even better to our specific needs.’

‘All in all, I spent about six hours on tyre data a week when we introduced the system. Now it is about two hours. Which is enough to really help us out and make that difference in terms of tyre, cargo and driver management. There are things you can’t foresee. A wheel rim with a hairline crack. Or damage to the inner twin tyre on a low-loader truck. Also, just doing visual checks takes so much time.’

‘So, thanks to TMPS we save time and we avoid problems and breakdowns. Clearly.’

Always right

‘Whoever you are talking to, the data is always right’, Marcus Eitel, Managing Director, chips in. ‘Could be a driver, who you might want to give some tips to on driving style. Or warn them about gradual pressure loss or follow up on shifting temperatures inside or outside the tyre.’

‘But the good thing is you go into your weekends without worries. With TPMS we have avoided up to 70% of unexpected damage cases when the trucks are on the road. It simply sees the stuff you can’t see.’

People making tyre data work

‘It took us a while to get it completely right for us,’ Linda explains. ‘So take your time to learn what the data means for you exactly. Adjust. Data always needs people. You know, cargo types, seasons... Plenty of factors at play. You need to see the context to be able to understand what is going on.’

‘And you still need those visual checks, sure,’ adds Marcus. ‘Talk to your technicians, and drivers. You are the link between the data, the tyres, the truck and your people.’

‘One more thing, Goodyear. I’d love to be able to order my trucks and trailers with the Goodyear sensors already built-in. Just so you know. I’d buy them!’ (smiles)