Young Driver

“Young Driver Education has been a key focus for the Goodyear brand for over five years. The focus on this area of education was highlighted after Goodyear carried out a piece of research into motorists’ knowledge of the Highway Code.

This research identified that novice drivers between the age of 17 and 24 had the worst knowledge of the Highway Code, even though they had only just taken their test.

This drove Goodyear to look into the reason why these youngsters had such a disregard for driving theory and road safety, the main issue which became apparent through focus group research was the lack of learning from an earlier age (11-16), which has the power to heighten driving on to young people’s agenda.

Today, with partnerships with Young Driver and DIA, Goodyear has developed a range of tools to help educate youngsters on better road safety and driving.”

Parents Matter

Parents have a direct role in young driver education as the ‘family driving instructor’, but often feel unsure of their own ability to teach the right driving skills.  Even at an early age, parents have a constant indirect role, as young pre-drivers observe their own parents’ driving style and so learn driving habits, both good and bad.

Driving Academy

Goodyear's Driving Academy is a free educational programme is geared towards students aged 14-16. We hope that it will provide a unique and exciting learning experience, whilst simultaneously preparing these soon-to-be drivers for our roads. The materials have been developed with a panel of teaching professionals and with the support and approval of the Driving Instructors Association (DIA).

Goodyear Hackathon

The Goodyear hackathon saw a team of teenage coders join a group of school pupils aged 11-14, to compete in a unique challenge. Their goal: to develop an idea for a game or app that appeals to young pre-drivers and improves their road sense.