Driving Academy

Goodyear Driving Academy.

Helping to prepare young drivers for our roads.

Welcome to Goodyear’s new educational resource pack, the Goodyear Driving Academy. This free educational programme is geared towards students aged 14-16. We hope that it will provide a unique and exciting learning experience, whilst simultaneously preparing these soon-to-be drivers for our roads. The materials have been developed with a panel of teaching professionals and with the support and approval of the Driving Instructors Association (DIA).

The resources on the right take you to our toolkit which includes:

  1. An engaging 10 minute video-including participatory opportunities for students
  2. Interactive online tool which can be easily run in your school’s IT suite
  3. Supportive resources for both teachers and students

Goodyear’s Young Driver Education Goals

Road safety has always been part of Goodyear’s DNA and since 2012 Goodyear has had a focus on educating youngsters on better road safety practices. Shocking figures on young driver road accidents and proof that young drivers are inexperienced when they get behind the wheel led Goodyear to develop an integrated theory and practical session that educated youngsters on better road awareness.

Goodyear has been visiting schools across the UK with the programme for three years but now want to reach more students across the country. This has led the development of this extensive resource pack for teachers to use during PHSE lessons.