Cargo G26

The tyre built to get performance from light trucks and vans

  • Tough, consistent grip
  • Performance even with heavy loads
  • High aquaplaning resistance
  • Quiet, comfortable ride

On road

Summer Cargo G26 image

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Why choose this tyre

Performance even with heavy loads

The Cargo G26 is a hard-working tyre designed to spread its load evenly for improved handling and performance, even when carrying full loads. Solid shoulder blocks help to maximise control when cornering.

Tough, consistent grip

Get confident traction with a rib and block design that maximises contact with the road, while also providing better mileage.

High aquaplaning resistance

Deep grooves in the tread quickly shed water to prevent aquaplaning on rain-soaked roads.

Quiet ride

Drive in comfort and silence thanks to a blade design that minimises noise levels.

Cargo G26 image

Goodyear works with top manufacturers

Our tyres can be mounted on the majority of models from top car manufacturers - in some cases you'll find them originally fitted.

  • Porsche
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford