driving performance on and off the track

Goodyear FIA ETRC

A high-performance testing ground for customers

Goodyear has long been involved with truck racing. As title sponsor of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing, we see it as the perfect place to celebrate innovation and performance in our industry – and to learn and develop tyre technologies that will bring everyday benefits to our business customers and help to protect the environment.

Go faster, go further

Since 2003, when we first produced tyres for racing trucks, we have had strong interest in ETRC. Not only is it a thrilling and hugely popular sport – it also has practical benefits. By working to improve the performance of racing tyres, we are able to make improvements to our regular range of road tyres.


The extreme conditions of track racing are the ultimate testbed giving us insights on tyre deformation, tyre temperature management and rolling resistance. By creating tyres that perform better on the track – providing better grip, durability and economy – we are also helping to drive better results for transportation companies.

The race to net zero

Goodyear is also committed to make truck racing as sustainable as possible, working closely with Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship organiser ETRA to reduce the ETRC’s carbon footprint, promote green technologies, and support the goals of the Paris Agreement.


The sport is making huge strides in this direction. It became carbon-neutral in 2021, and switched to a 100% sustainable fuel, becoming the first-ever FIA-regulated championship to do so. The use of a more sustainable fuel is both an inspiration to commercial fleets, and proof of its ability to deliver performance whilst also helping the environment. From this year, all race tyres will also be retreaded for a second life on regular roads.

Reducing Europe’s tyre footprint

As both a title sponsor and a leading innovator in the tyre industry, Goodyear has used to the opportunity to demonstrate the role that tyres can play in the quest for sustainability. Our work on tyres that are both fuel-efficient and durable has recently culminated in the launch of the FUELMAX ENDURANCE, a remarkable new tyre that brings highway fuel efficiency to secondary roads. We have also released a demonstration tyre that uses 70% sustainable material, and aim to develop a 100 percent sustainable material tyre by 2030.


On an operational level, Goodyear adopted a zero waste to landfill policy in 2006, and has committed to using only renewable energy sources across all facilities. Sustainability is a shared goal. Together Goodyear, ETRC and our thousands of customers are all moving towards a greener future – and the innovations achieved on the racetrack are helping us to get there faster!