Sometimes less is more

With SoundComfort, Goodyear offers you a quieter and more comfortable ride.

Feel at ease with up to 50% less interior noise*

In our daily lives we are constantly surrounded by all kinds of noise: people talking, traffic, air planes passing by, …

Click on the icons below to hear the different noise levels.

How does it work?

Goodyear introduces the SoundComfort technology, an acoustical barrier attached to the inner surface of the tire. Like a cushion for your tires this acoustical barrier dampens the internal noise in you car while you are driving, reducing it by up to 50%*


What are the benefits?

An even more pleasant drive that is more quiet and comfortable. 

You can enjoy the calmness without compromising performance capabilities (braking distance, handling, fuel efficiency, …)


Experience the difference

Sound fragments with and without SoundComfort (still to be created)

New video, telling this story in short with highlight on benefits (still to be created)