Goodyear Magazine Awards 2019

AutoExpress All-Season Tyre Test 2019

Vector 4Seasons Gen-2


The Goodyear vector 4Seasons Gen-2 proved to be a standout performer in the Auto Express All-Season Tyre Test 2019, taking top spot over competitor tyres. The tyre promises outstanding driving performance in all weather conditions, all year round and did just that by excelling at braking in both snow and wet tests. All round performance and balance make this the standout all-season tyre choice for UK motorists.

Consumers score this tyre with a 90% rating for Wet Braking. Read More

AutoExpress Winter Tyre Test 2019

UltraGrip Performance+


Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ took the top spot in this year’s Auto Express Winter Tyre Test, leading the way in terms of braking distances on snow and minimal cabin noise. Its improved wet and dry winter performance offers reliable braking throughout the winter months whatever the weather. The improved compound mixture allows for better elasticity when temperatures fall below 7 degrees centigrade, promoting improved grip and traction on snow and ice. 

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