Vector 4Seasons Wins Auto Express Test

Goodyear is delighted to announce that its Vector 4Seasons Gen-2  tyre has been ranked first in the coveted Auto Express All Season Tyre Test 2019.

The test of the popular tyre size 205/55R16 saw nine brands take part including Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin and was conducted at Nokian’s test facilities in Finland and Germany. The extensive test covered all major tyre test disciplines including snow braking, handling and traction, dry and wet handling, dry and wet braking, aquaplaning, rolling resistance, noise and price.

The winning tyre, the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 promises excellent driving performance in all weather conditions all year long and the tyre did just that in the latest Auto Express test, showing fantastic results in snow and wet tests as well as excelling in cabin noise.

Kim Adams, tyre tester for Auto Express, commented on the tyre’s impressive performance: “It had a clear advantage on wet and snow-covered roads. On the former it had grip challenged only by the Michelin on the handling with impressive traction out of the turns and a rear that stayed in line longer than rivals. It also maintained that advantage in the deep water of the aquaplaning assessments securing two podiums…”

This is the second Auto Express tyre test win for Goodyear in 2019, having taken the top spot in the recent winter tyre test too. It is also the second time that the Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 has won the Auto Express All Season Tyre Test since its inception in 2015, proving that this tyre continues to be a leader in the market. Kim Adams went on to state: “A remarkable performance from an older design and secures Goodyear a second win of 2019 backing up its winter tyre success.”

Mike Rytokoski, Chief Marketing Officer Europe at Goodyear said, “This is yet another Auto Express test win for Goodyear this season and we are thrilled with the result. Over 30 years ago, we were the first manufacturer to produce All Season tyres and winning the test this year goes to show that we continue to be at the cutting edge of All Season tyre design. This win reinforces that we have an ideal product for consumers no matter what the weather. Taking a double win with the Auto Express Winter and All Season tyre tests highlights our outstanding capabilities in producing complex tyres that can deal with a multitude of weather conditions.”


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