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  • LEGO truck

    Goodyear to auction 1:1 scale LEGO truck for charity

    IAA stand model to be sold on eBay for drivers’ health charity
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  • Self-Inflating Technology

    Exhibition Debut of Goodyear Self-Inflating Technology for Commercial Tires at the IAA

    Goodyear technology can aid in fuel savings and CO2 reductions;
    Potential to improve performance and eliminate need for external inflation pressure intervention
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  • Smolensk Truck Race

    Record Breaking Goodyear Tires at the Smolensk Truck Race

    Goodyear Racing Truck Tires break FIA World Speed Records
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  • Nogaro Truck Race

    Goodyear at the Nogaro Truck Race (The story of a driver and team who take part for the passion)

    Nogaro, France - Jochen Hahn in the Castrol Team Hahn Racing MAN racing on Goodyear tires continues to lead the FIA European Truck Race Championship after the fourth round, which took place at Nogaro, France on June 23 and 24.
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  • Truck Racing Season

    Truck Racing Season Starts in Turkey on Goodyear Tires. Jochen Hahn absolute winner

    Istanbul Park, Turkey - 2011 FIA European Truck Race champion Jochen Hahn driving his MAN truck on Goodyear tires already leads the 2012 Championship after the first round, which took place at Istanbul Park, Turkey on May 12 and 13.
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  • World Speed Records

    World Speed Records Shattered on Goodyear Truck Tires

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