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Goodyear EfficientGrip receives major Green Innovation Award

20-04-2011Produktgruppe: Bil   Category: Technology - Testvinder

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tire has been awarded ‘The Green Innovation Award’ for the efforts performed in reducing the CO2 footprint through its innovative Fuel Saving Technology. The award was presented by GreenWorks, a Luxembourg platform dedicated to companies sensitive to environmental impact and initiatives that favour sustainable development.

Green award

Two Goodyear Innovations were recognized by GreenWorks. In addition to the EfficientGrip, the recently introduced Marathon LHT II commercial vehicle tire was also submitted to a jury composed of 50 CEOs and company leaders.

The EfficientGrip was distinguished with the Green Innovation Award and the LHT II was ranked second in the category of the Green Product Awards.

“This award values all the efforts the GIC*L team has made to reduce the CO2 footprint with innovative technologies applied not only to the EfficientGrip tire, but to all our newly developed tires”, said Marc Junio, General Director of GIC*L. “Such innovative technologies are required in light of the upcoming EU regulations, which require tire labeling containing fuel efficiency, noise and wet performance information as of 2012.”