Committed to the highest standards in Road Safety

Road safety is a joint responsibility. Authorities, the automotive industry, infrastructure builders and drivers must come together in working to address the challenges presented by increased mobility.

Goodyear is committed to promoting road safety on a number of levels throughout the organisation. Through our core business activities, our community and philanthropic work, through our engagement with public policy issues and institution building and through working in partnership with other companies and public institutions.

As a part of our worldwide vision “Safety Together”, Goodyear mounts an ongoing education program under the umbrella of the “Life-long learning on road safety and on tires’ importance for safer roads” campaign. We are committed to continuous communication on tire maintenance and proper tire use from the outset of the driving experience, and also to educating citizens on traffic safety from early childhood.

European Road Safety Charter

A pan-European platform established by the European Commission, the ERSC brings together a variety of stakeholders involved in road transport to reduce road fatalities.  Enterprises, associations, research institutes and public authorities commit to concrete road safety actions and share best practice with the ultimate goal of saving at least 25,000 lives by 2020.  The EU goal is to reduce road fatalities to 20 000 in 2020 and close to zero by 2050. Goodyear EMEA* joined the Charter in 2009.

Partnership with European Driving Association

Goodyear EMEA* works in partnership with the European Driving School Association (EFA) which represents the interests of 25 driving school associations from 24 European countries. Through its joint cooperation the EFA and Goodyear EMEA* aim to raise greater awareness of safe driving among young drivers and also address the issue of road safety in the training of young people on the road.


* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group