Driving Awareness of Road Safety

The role of the driver is key in delivering improved road safety. Even the most advanced safety technologies will not offer protection if they are not applied properly. The simple fact is that drivers need to take responsibility for good tire maintenance. This includes checking them on a regular basis to ensure optimal tire pressure and compliance with legal minimum tread depths. It also means choosing the correct tires for the season and weather conditions.                                                                         

At Goodyear EMEA* we have made it our mission to not only continuously improve the performance of our tires, but also to raise awareness among consumers of the role that they have to play in improving road safety.

We have conducted different road safety surveys over a number of years in order to better understand drivers' behavior and attitudes. We have surveyed a range of different safety-related topics in order to raise awareness of road safety issues among drivers: In 2011 we explored the views, beliefs and habits of licensed drivers in relation to summer driving, particularly while on holiday. In 2012 we probed the behavior of novice drivers and checked their actions when behind the wheel as well as their knowledge of tires and the important role they play. In 2013, we focused on driving instructors and their views on current education and knowledge levels of novice drivers as well as the impact of parents as a role model. We are pleased to share the full detail on our 2014 and 2015 Road safety campaign.

2015 Road Safety Campaign

London School of Economics & Goodyear announce the results of the 2015 study on driver’s behaviours

It’s not just maniacs who drive aggressively and dangerously. Ordinary, everyday drivers, all of us, can get involved in antagonistic interactions with other drivers, in what we term ‘combative driving’. We respond to the drivers around us, and tend to reciprocate when they drive aggressively, and when they drive co-operatively.
Yet it’s easy to forget that those drivers are responding to us too: often it is our own behaviour that provokes others first. Also forgotten as we get frustrated on the road is the fact that, we can rarely reciprocate to the driver that annoyed us, but rather we tend to replay the behaviour we experienced from another, with a different driver further along the road on our journey.
This research re-emphasises the need to show consideration to other drivers. Just as combative driving can generate a chain of indirectly reciprocal provocations between drivers, considerate driving can create a ripple effect of safer journeys.

Download: Executive summary
To receive a copy of the full report, please contact Greet Willekens at: greet_willekens@goodyear.com


2014 Road Safety Campaign

At Goodyear, we have made it our mission to promote road safety by conducting research into the attitudes of people that matter the most. In 2012, we took an in-depth look at the attitudes of novice drivers to driving and road safety. In 2013, we focused on driving instructors themselves. This year, building on our previous findings, we are focusing on attitudes of parents of novice drivers to road safety and driving.

This work will culminate in an industry leading debate and press conference with leading experts in the field on October 2nd.

During the day, the new edition of Goodyear’s White Paper ‘Driving Safety First’, with its new insights on parents’ attitudes’ to road safety, will be revealed. It contains the results and conclusions of the company’s latest research conducted among 5500 parents in Europe. They were questioned on their attitudes towards road safety, driving education and novice drivers.

The findings will be discussed by leading experts in road safety, policy, psychology and parenting.

The following experts have already confirmed their participation:

- Eszter Salamon, President, The European Parents Association
- John Lepine, President, The European Driving School Association
- Dr Chris Tennant, London School of Economics

The roundtable will commence 10.00 am (UTC+01:00) with the unveiling of the research findings, followed by a discussion by the panellists. The discussion will be followed by an open Q&A session. RSVP and you will be provided with a link to join the roundtable.

2014 Goodyear Road Safety Whitepaper

* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group