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goodyear-fleet-online-solutionsDeveloping innovative, high quality tires is the core of our business. However, Goodyear EMEA* also offers a range of affiliated services and solutions for the transport industry to ensure the excellence of our products and provide support to our customers and business partners. FleetFirst provides premium quality tires and service support as well as round-the-clock roadside assistance availability. This cradle-to-grave approach ensures optimized fuel economy and longer tire life as well as reduced down-time through efficient maintenance and fast roadside assistance. In addition to this, tire management provision gives fleets price security, peace of mind and reduced paperwork. Tires and their maintenance can influence 56% of all vehicle operating costs so correct choice and care are essential.

Truck ForceGoodyear FleetFirst comprises three areas – products, service and solutions. Goodyear FleetFirst products cover the wide range of new tires offered by Goodyear, as well as its TreadMax and NextTread retread products. Goodyear service is provided by its pan-European TruckForce network of nearly 2000 service providers and supported by ServiceLine 24h international roadside assistance. Goodyear solutions comprise FleetOnlineSolutions, the internet-based fleet management program, as well as FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile, which is the latest development in tire maintenance.


The Goodyear TruckForce network comprises nearly 2,000 service providers strategically located in 28 European countries. Each TruckForce location has the necessary equipment and trained staff to tackle all tire-related requirements. If a vehicle requires roadside assistance, for example if it has a puncture, the driver calls Goodyear’s Serviceline24h and the nearest available service vehicle is dispatched.


Goodyear EMEA's ServiceLine 24h provides emergency roadside assistance for truck tire-related incidents, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all over Europe.  A call to the multi-lingual administration center will connect a driver to an operative who is experienced in tire-related issues. This will result in help being quickly dispatched to the vehicle, wherever it may be.
The website will enable the driver to contacting the Serviceline24h call center easil. With an optimised customer support service, RoadsideAssistanceSolutions (RAS), the vehicle operator will be able to follow the progress of any emergency call-out carried out through Serviceline24h. The additional information is provided to the customer via the internet and tracks the progress of the incident in real time.


As an integral part of the complete service offer dedicated to truck fleets. Goodyear Retreading offers fleets a wide range of retreading packages, including both the mold cure retreading lines TreadMax for latest Goodyear carcasses using the same tread patterns and providing similar performance to the new tires they replicate as well as NextTread covering a vast range of sizes and tread patterns for other casing types. In addition, precure retreading solutions are offered by the company.Retreading is essential if commercial vehicle operators are to get the maximum economic benefit from their tires. It lowers the running cost per kilometer as well as the Total Cost of Ownership of their tires.

FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) takes the worry of tire maintenance away from truck fleets.  Each customer has their vehicle details and service requirements logged in the system, which can be accessed by all related Goodyear service-providers via the internet and in the local language. This means that service or assistance can be provided anywhere and at any time, and that the work is carried out exactly to the customer’s requirements with minimum communications.  Even pricing and commercial terms can be pre-agreed so that guarantees of payment are avoided, which often cause expensive delays especially in foreign countries.  In simple terms, work is carried out to each customer’s requirements by the service provider who is paid direct by Goodyear. The costs are then centrally billed to the customer thus simplifying invoicing and reducing clerical time.  

The latest development of FOS is FleetOnlineSolutions Mobile. This involves the tire technician using a hand-held device on to which data such as tire pressures and tread depths is recorded and immediately transmitted electronically via the internet into the FOS system. This means that customers can view vehicle data from their computer screens within minutes of servicing or repair. As well as the convenience of this system, it ensures that vehicles are maintained in accordance with any regulatory requirements.

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* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group
** According to Road Haulage Association statistics 2010