Innovation through processes

At Goodyear innovation flows throughout the company. In every department our people are encouraged to look to the future and challenge the status quo. For us innovation is more than developing the next generation of tire and our experts from around the world come together on a regular basis to think out-of-the-box. By working as a group they map issues, consider potential improvements and find solutions that streamline and update our processes.

By constantly monitoring the needs of our customers we are able to systematically improve our products. Our Goodyear Innovation Center in Luxembourg fosters ongoing public/private collaboration as a part of our global innovation system, and in 2012 our European open innovation community gathered 45 partners from different fields of science - 35 public and 10 private. In fact since 2009, through our External Science and Technology Programs, Goodyear has participated in more than 24 PhD and Post-Doctorate programs across Europe - some are funded by national agencies, some by the European Commission and others self-funded. 

These open innovation team explore new science and technologies from around the world to assess their application in our industry. The social, economic and environmental challenges that we face today are transforming the way we approach mobility and it is essential that global networks for research and development work together and share expertise in order to address the needs of the future. The tire industry is a part of the transport eco-system and we have to embrace these trends and harness emerging technologies such as nano-materials, bio-materials and intelligent systems in order to develop the products of the future.

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Open Innovation draws on ideas and technologies from all geographies and sectors in delivering future-focused solutions.  It comprises two key elements: 

  • a process and set of activities designed to generate good ideas, technologies or other opportunities and adapt them for use,
  • an infrastructure that supports those activities.

Goodyear's External Science & Technology Programs (ESTP) draw on the world’s best universities, research institutes, national labs, and small and large business enterprises. The ESTP team mission is to accelerate the process of innovation  through collaborations between Goodyear’s innovation processes and external stakeholders in order to deliver solutions that we and our partners can be proud of.

This project is one of the more recent R&D ventures to emerge from Goodyear's continued drive for innovation. Working in a three way partnership aim of the project is to developing environmentally sustainable tire concepts based on novel green material solutions and weight reducing tire construction concepts.

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LORRY is an innovative new project that will actively promote the EU objective of a holistic approach for an intelligent transport system.

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* Goodyear EMEA/Goodyear Dunlop Tires Group